• Cornhole Sets

    Nothing says leisure and backyard competition like your own custom cornhole set. We make premium cornhole sets that strong and light weight with folding legs for easy storage. We even can do custom decals so you can rep your favorite team at your next tailgate.

  • Various Chairs & Benches

    We really enjoy crafting wooden places for people to park their behinds.

  • Boxes

    Everyone loves a good box. Boxes are piratical and something for us to hold or hide our most valuable possessions in. One thing we learned is that when it comes to making a box, a box is never just a box.

  • Vintage Tailgate Swing

    Spring time arrives and you want to do is enjoy the outdoors. Why not enjoy from a custom swing made from a vintage Jeep tailgate that your son handcrafted for your Mother's day present. We kept the rust and finished the wood with gun stock wood stain to match.

  • Maple & Walnut Baby Crib

    When you are expecting your first child you want them to have the best including a custom solid wood crib. We had the privileged of crafting this mid century inspired maple with walnut accent crib. It is a sturdy as it looks and features crib hardware which allows for adjusting of the bed to allow for the child's growth. This was a fun and scary project that required us to meet many standards for safety with a crib.

  • Built in Kitchen Booth

    Have you looked at your kitchen and said I know what this is missing? Our good friends did and discovered they needed a custom dining area to complete their kitchen area of their new home. We crafted a seating area that provides storage and will accommodate a growing family with some friends. This custom booth features storage accessible by two lift up seats and a pull out drawer. It is made of sturdy 3/4" sheet goods, edge banded to complete the finished look.

  • Walnut Poster Frame

    Sometimes the poster is so cool it deserves a awesome frame to display it in. That is why we made a custom walnut frame for a 4'x4' poster. The frame featured lovely half lap joints for strong construction with elegant rounded edges to pull you into the poster. It looks great hanging in our friends dining area.

  • Outdoor Cedar Chair

    We had the pleasure of crafting an outdoor furniture set from redwood cedar. Our client was looking for the perfect patio set to compliment the new deck and patio that was freshly installed in their backyard. Inspired by the lawn chair design from we created a lovely patio set that included four chairs, table, a dual chair lounge.